Consult with Marni

Book your very own private one-on-one consultation with Marni Wasserman. Improve your health and learn how to start incorporating whole foods into your everyday life. These sessions are based on you!

You know that you need some guidance, but you just don’t know where to start or you have started and now you are stuck! This complete consultation will determine why you are stuck and what is preventing you from achieving your health and nutrition goals.

In this dynamic private consultation we will sort through everything with your health goals in mind. Your health history and current lifestyle patterns will come into play as we put together the pieces of how to build a nutritional foundation for your health. It is Marni’s goal to guide you and get you started on the right path of wellness so that you can achieve all your goals and health concerns. You not only get one on one time with Marni, but you will get to join in on one of her amazing cooking classes to begin to take an active part of your health, which starts in the kitchen.

Whole Foods Consultation Package
What you will receive to get you started on your health & nutrition goals:

  • A private 60 min consultation with Marni
  • A detailed action plan with guidelines to get you started on your goals right away
  • A 30 minute follow up phone call to track your progress
  • 1 of Marni’s Delicious Cooking Classes of your choice
  • A copy of Weekday Meal Planning (which includes meals plans, recipes, shopping list among other resources to start you on a new path to healing and health)
  • A copy of Plant-Based Diet for Dummies
  • A copy of Marni’s Plant Powered Meal Plan