FNL Program

Marni designed this Fully Nourished Lifestyle Program specifically for you!

This program is a compilation of Marni’s exclusive offerings and it will drastically change your connection to food and healthy living.Fully Nourished Lifestyle Program

Consider Marni Wasserman’s one year membership program to get you on track for long lasting results. For the next year, you will be given the tips, tools, ingredients, recipes, and hands on experience, so that you can pave the path of health for the rest of your life. You will learn how to master your meals and become empowered with your health.

Membership Includes

  • 6 Fully Nourished Cooking Classes: Get hands on experience with whole foods in Marni’s Food Studio and learn how to make delicious recipes for everyday enjoyment.
  • Life Changing Consultations:  Get your very own private time with Marni to set your goals and start to implement changes right away. Consultations include 1 discovery consultation (with some starter ingredients to get you going!) and 2 follow-up consultations to track your progress
  • Nourishing Resources: You’ll be enlightened with all of Marni’s eBooks, which are filled with recipes, tips, and ideas to help make the transition to a nourished lifestyle smooth and easy. You will also receive other exclusive resources on a monthly basis.
  • Marni Wasserman’s Essentials: Expect to get 2 fully loaded packages filled with Marni’s basic and most favourite products and kitchen ingredients from grains to seeds.
  • 10% Off all Marni Wasserman’s Products and Services: With special first class access to exclusive recipes, products, and other events throughout the year!

Marni doesn’t just doesn’t want you to come into her world she wants you to clean up your world by learning how shop well, get fit and grow your own food.


  • GET BEAUTIFUL – A gift card to Alma Natural Spa for a discount on a treatment
  • GET A FREE YOGA SESSION – With Chi Junky
  • GET A GLUTEN FREE – with Gluten Free Find Ebook
  • GET ECO ESSENTIALS – 10% off when you shop at Eco Existence in Toronto
  • GET ON A CLEANSE – Get 10% from Green House Juice on your next cleanse
  • GET LOCAL PRODUCE DELIVERED – Sign up for FREE at Mama Earth Organics and get $20 credit added to your account!

YEARLY MEMBERSHIP to the Fully Nourished Life $1,999
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Fully Nourished Lifestyle Taster

Looking for just a taste and not ready to commit?
Not sure if you want to dive right in? For 3 months you can experience what it’s like to be fully nourished. With a consultation to get you on the right track, and classes and products to give you a taste, you will have the opportunity to make positive lifestyle changes right away – and inspire others as well.

The Tasting Package Includes

  • 30 min private consultation with Marni
  • 1 follow up session
  • 3 Fully Nourished Cooking Classes
  • 2 of Marni’s Health E Books
  • 1 Fully Nourished kit filled with sustainable products, superfoods and ingredients.

COMPLETE TASTING of the Fully Nourished Lifestyle Taster $ 750 (value more than $1000)
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