It’s beginning to feel a lot like fall!

FullSizeRenderI am not sure how many people are on board with me, but I love the fall season. Maybe it’s because my birthday is in November or maybe it’s because it’s just so darn beautiful. The colours of the changing leaves, the plethora of root vegetables and of course the crisp air. Yeah I know, you may not be ready to hear “crisp air” yet since summer isn’t quit over yet, but what this means is that I get to pull out my cozy fall clothes. I’m talking sweaters, leggings, jeans & scarfs. When it comes to my sweater collection there is no shortage, and there is no stopping me from adding to it. I love big cozy sweaters. Who is with me? I also adore them even more when they are made from eco-friendly fabrics and have a unique style.

I am never disappointed when it comes to the clothing and fashion from prAna. They just always get their clothing right. Not just how the clothing looks but what goes on behind the fabric. They are a company that is dedicated to sustainability and traceability. Their clothes are also fair trade, recycled and hemp is also used as a fabric. However, what I love most, is that their clothing and style choices just look great on everyone. They definitely have a focus on people that like to move, but truly anyone can wear their stuff anytime. No matter what your unique style is; sporty, traveler, yogi or climber – they have it all!

These new outfit in the picture is featuring deco crop leggings in heather charcoal & the daria sweater hoodie in muted truffle. I am comfy, I am cozy and I am fashionable. At least I’d like to think so 🙂 I can go to the farmer’s market in this outfit or head over to a yoga class or go for a beautiful walk in nature. Then if I really wanted I could also show up for lunch date with friends. As you can see, totally versatile and totally fun!

I wrote a post all about my summer fashion last year. I still wear all of these clothes all of the time (all year round in fact) as they are staples in my closet. Also, I must note that the quality of prAna clothing holds up so well, that many of the items hardly look worn!

If you’ve never had the chance to give prAna clothing a try, you’ve got to hook yourself up. Luckily I can get you 15% off your prAna gear from Sept 5th to November 20th! Go ahead, START SHOPPING HERE + be sure to use the code: GHMW15