Let’s get clear on glass storage

violetglassFor years I have been adamant on storing my food and the like in glass storage containers. Naturally this is the clean upgrade from plastic which no one should be using for a multitude of reasons. To mention a few, plastic has BPA, phthalates, and xenoestrogens that should never be in a storage vessel for things you are putting on your skin or in your body. This can lead to toxic accumulation and lead to problems such as cancer, neurological problems, infertility and I could go on.

Truly anything you are using at home to keep your fresh food or leftovers in, water, herbs, spices, teas, nuts, seeds, grains you name it – should be stored in glass. Whether you choose a mason jar or the variety of glass options out there, these are all better than plastic.

As with anything in the health world, there is always an upgrade to what you think is best. So in comes sexy and suave violet glass. I have definitely been drawn to blue/violet glass many times before and other than thinking “wow that’s really pretty”, I didn’t realize the myriad of benefits that this perfect glass provides. It is pigmented violet for a very good reason and that is to block out harmful visible light rays which typically degrade our food, cosmetics, herbs or whatever else we choose to store in glass. While this is happening it is also at the same time permitting two beneficial light rays that are laboratory proven to preserve and extend the shelf life of goods for as long as 2 years.

The glass jars and bottles specifically from Infinity Jars are amazing because you can get a variety of sizes and shapes for all your storage needs. There are so many things I store in glass so it was hard to choose just a few items I wanted to experiment with first.

I settled on a 15 ml spray bottle for my essential oils. This way I can have a healing mist at home, that won’t get murky and slimy like it does in plastic spray bottles. I also tested out the 5 ml mini screw top glass jar. This keeps small items like supplements or creams fresh, especially when travelling. Lastly, I had to get the 1L glass water bottle as it not only looks super cool on my table when I have guests over but I can also be rest assured that my liquids are being protected from any harmful rays from artificial light or direct sunlight.

I have to say, I am thoroughly impressed. These are not only beautiful (my original draw to violet glass) but I plan on upgrading and adding to my collection overtime. I pretty much want everything in my kitchen and bathroom in these jars. So piece by piece I will keep building on them.

If you are interested in ordering a few…start here!

DIY Mixology at Home

If you are looking for ideas of what to infuse your water with for a fun flavour, I have been really big on steeping hibiscus tea, cooling it and then adding in some lemon juice. From there I pour it in my blue glass bottle and I have a beautiful, refreshing and tart lemonade on hand, anytime!

I am going to leave you with a simple recipe to make your own essential oil blend at home. This is my de-stress and soothing spray that I use in the morning and when I am doing yoga.

1/2 cup spring water

10 drops peppermint oil

5 drop ylang ylang

5 drops lavender oil

This super soothing spray is so perfect to have around the house. Now that it is in violet glass – I know it’s doing to last that much longer and stay that much fresher!

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