Live it up at Alma Spa!

Have you checked out Toronto’s newest natural eco quick spa? For myself, I am not really one for the spa or weekly manicures for that matter but Alma Natural Spa may have changed that!

Upon arrival I was greeted right away at the door by the owner Katie, and my aesthetician who was already waiting for me. But before that I should mention that there wasn’t a scent in the air that was unfriendly. Just the pure smell of essential oils and freshness. This is a true indulgence for me, as I can’t tolerate the toxic fumes that are often wafting the air in most traditional quick spas.

I found my cozy chair for my pedicure, all ready to go with a pillow for my back and a nice warm bath for my feet. A tea menu featuring Steeped and Infused loose teas, was brought to me within seconds along with a warm lavender pad for my neck. I couldn’t believe the exceptional, personalized service and comfort I was being given.

The pedicure was simple, clean and efficient. I got to pick my eco non-toxic paraffin and formaldehyde free polish and then I was off across the way for my mani. All fresh supplies were being used on my hands, and there was no weird pink creams, or bright blue alcohol being used to rub off my polish. I was in bliss

Since my first experience was so positive, I decided to get a gift certificate and bring my hubby along for the next one. He is a guy that is comfortable enough in this environment and boy, did he love his man buff! Plus it was nice to share some down time together in their cozy space.  For myself, this time around I wanted to experience a mani without polish, which they cleverly call the “sport manicure”.  This is ultimately the perfect solution for my busy and active hands. Polish for me is only for special occasions.

This is definitely a place I am going to frequent, to take care of my nails and also just allow me to unwind even if it’s just for 30 minutes. Beyond their amazing mani’s & pedi’s, I have yet to experience there other services such as waxing, message therapy and reflexology. I know there will always be a cup of tea waiting for me, an Eco-inspired health or lifestyle book or just the comfortable ambiance of a place that exudes cleanliness and overall appeal. Not to mention some really cute posters with quotes hanging on their exposed brick walls.

Of course you are going to pay a little more here for your nails then the average quick spa, but you are saving your health. Also what you are getting in return as far as customer service, you can’t really put a value on that!

Thanks Alma, for being a friendly local spa that I am sure to tell all my friends, family and clients about.