Maca Macqui Breakfast Granola bowl

It’s not hard to tell by now if you have been reading my blog that i am a smoothie fanatic. Coming out with new combinations all the time to get my morning fix for a super powered breakfast.

With the help of my friends at Navitas Naturals –  I am able to infuse my smoothie with the best of super foods.

I have been sampling this wonderful new dried berry powder from the Macqui berry.

Here are the specs.

Mak -ee

The edible purple berries of the native Chilean evergreen shrub (Aristotelia chilensis).

Anti-aging Berry

Maqui berries are native to the pristine Patagonia region of Chile, where they are regularly consumed by the Mapuche Indians – one of the longest-living cultures in the world. Recently, scientific research has confirmed a strong connection between the protective nutrients found in maqui berries and richer, disease-free mode of living.

The Power of Maqui

With an amazingly high ORAC value, maqui berries offer more antioxidants than any discovered fruit – with a particularly high potency of anti-aging flavonoids like anthocyanins and polyphenols. Recent studies have demonstrated these antioxidants to support a wide variety of bodily functions, including improved brain performance, heart health, liver strength, anticancer activity and – as the Machupe Indians likely know – overall longevity. Plus, the fruit offers a premium source of vitamin C, calcium, iron, potassium, and is a natural anti-inflammatory food.

Antioxidant Advantage

With such a profoundly rich supply of health-improving phytochemicals, even using just small amounts of maqui powder will vastly enhance the nutritional benefits of other foods or recipes. Containing a mild, unsweetened berry flavor, maqui is easy to use: try blending with other fruits or sweets in smoothies, desserts, or sprinkle on top of a breakfast bowl.

Maca (ma-kuh)

a herbaceous plant native to the high Andes of Bolivia and Peru. It is grown for its fleshy hypocotyl, which is used as a root vegetable and a medicinal herb.

Incan Strength

The root of the maca plant has been used in indigenous Andean cultures as a source of nourishment and healing for many millenniums. A radish-like root, maca is indigenous to the mountainous and ragged terrain of the Peruvian highlands. Although its foliage may be small and unassuming, the harvested root of the maca plant was traditionally used by Incan warriors in preparation for difficult expositions and battles, and was consumed to increase stamina and energy. So esteemed was this special root, that it later became used as a form of currency by the Spaniards — a practice which still carries on in some areas of Peru even today. Enjoying a massive resurgence in use, maca continues to be one of the most appreciated superfoods on the market. Navitas Naturals offers maca in 4 forms to suit all needs: a raw powder, a gelatinized powder, and a capsulated form of each.


Given that this is a superfood powerhouse, different from Acai – which I also greatly love, I am thrilled to have it part of my morning smoothie routine.

To complete my bowl I have added my

Maca Macqui Breakfast Bowl

1 cup almond milk

1 scoop Sun Warrior Protein

1/2 frozen banana

1/2 cup frozen blueberries

1/4 cup chopped spinach

1 tsp maqui powder

1 tsp maca powder

1 tbsp coconut oil


Place all ingredients in the blender and blend until smooth! Enjoy and top with some  GIRLNOLA granola!