Sporting it with Vega!

Have I shared my love for this? Vega Sport Preworkout mix beats any Gatorade or sports drink + combined with Vitamineral Greens it’s the perfect pick me up in the morning. which I could say it was completely caffeine free, but it has yerba mate and green tea, which are low level stimulants (meaning they give you a kick in the pant without make your feel fidgety and cause you to crash).

I have the absolute best energy, mental clarity and focus when I drink this stuff!  Here’s a few reasons why:

Coconut oil – A healthy fat that is used almost immediately for energy.  This type of fat (medium chain triglycerides) goes directly to the liver to be used for fuel rather than taking hours to digest.

Rhodiola – helps to increase blood flow by dilating blood vessels.  It also helps to speed up recovery by regulating your heart rate and boosting protein synthesis.

Ginger extract – aside from improving digestion (one of ginger’s long-time uses), ginger also helps to reduce inflammation and acts as a natural blood thinner. This is important, because during exercise there is an increase in red blood cells – which makes the blood thicker, and can slow down your recovery.

And these are just a few of the awesome ingredients in this fantastic product.  Here’s my morning one-two punch for getting out of pajamas and into my Vibrams:

Workout Booster Recipe

1 cup coconut water or Kiki Maple Water

1 scoop Vega Preworkout Sport Performance Optimizer (Acai Berry flavour is my favourite)

1-2 tbsp Health Force Nutritionals Vitamineral Greens powder

Shake it up, drink it down and get to work!  For more healthy, energy-boosting fitness recipes, come to one of my Fit and Fabulous cooking classes!  It’s my first class back on September 12, and there is another one on November 7th.  It’s also included in my Healthy Healer class package (3 classes, $250, health for a lifetime!)  See you there!

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