Went to Niagara… and we got Married!

To see some of our amazing photo’s from our photographer Assaf Friedman click here!

Wow. That is crazy to say. So busy writing and posting about all other things and haven’t even had a chance to share my wedding updates with you. Coming up this Sunday July 31st – I will be a married women. Other than letting you know that I am having a vegetarian wedding there is so much more for me to share!

Okay where to start!!

The ceremony: Niagara Botanical Gardens

The reception: Queens Landing – in Niagara on the lake

My wedding dress: Is 100% local and vegetable dyed on natural silk designed by Adele Wechsler

My make-up: organically done by Erin Carpenter

Shoes: There are a few – but the most fun are my Toms vegan late night dancing shoes!

The menu: will be made local fresh ingredients!

Lentil and Sweet potato patties with black/white quinoa with tahini drizzle and roasted veg

Jewellery: Hand-made and local with natural gemstones and pearls !

I was also able to create some of the most amazing welcome wedding gift bags in each of our guest’s rooms.

I was so graciously supported by contributors such as:

Sha Sha– spelt ginger heart shaped cookies

Mary’s Crackers– gluten free, vegan tasty crackers

Goconut – cinnamon coconut snacks

Nourish Tea – a selection of their teas with filters

Ruth’s hemp bars – vegan energy snack bars

Cocoa Camino chocolate – organic, vegan chocolate bars

Sweet from the Earth cookies- spelt chocolate chip cookies

Now that’s a bag of goodies!

And lastly,

Kiki Maple Sweet Water will be served during ceremony at Niagara botanical gardens to refresh and replenish our guests under the hot sun!


We had the most amazing weekend celebrating with our friends and family and enjoying delicious food!