Dress Your Soul!

I am not usually one to recommend buying a store bought salad dressings, as I am a fan of making my own, but these aren’t any salad dressings – they are raw, pure, organic, nut free, vegan and delicious!

These amazing salad dressings have made their way to Canadian stores. I am proud to say that my family is behind this. My two cousin’s are the tag team who have created salad dressing infusions that are sure to dress your soul from the inside out. I am thrilled that healthy foods, and pure living runs in the family!

You don’t get that with salad dressings. Most are loaded with poor quality oil, sugar, preservatives and usually have a pretty bad after taste. I can’t even recall one that I have every loved off of the shelves of a grocery store.

Raw Dressings, are blended to perfection using top quality ingredients like olive oil, sesame seeds, apple cider vinegar, coconut sweetener and then added superfoods like dulse, goji berries, poppy seeds and hemp seeds. Each variety has it’s own unique flavour and can be paired with salad greens for any meal, any time of day.

To give you a run down on the flavours:

Sea-zar serenity is NOT your typical Caesar salad dressing. In conjunction with being entirely plant-based, organic and gluten-free, this dressing is comprised of a list of incredible, health-promoting, hand-selected ingredients. Dulse is loaded with protein, vitamins B6 and B12, potassium and iron. It also contains vitamins A, C and E (all super antioxidants) and large amounts of calcium. When coupled with other superfoods such as hemp and chia seeds, this power-packed dressing contains countless nutritional benefits and immune-boosting properties. These attributes put sea-zar serenity in a class of its own. However, when paired with superior consistency and taste, you won’t believe it’s actually good for you. Sea-zar serenity – Rich with minerals, vitamins and antioxidants, this dressing won’t cease to serenade your senses, fulfill your diet and satisfy your soul!

French Fusion is a superior blend of super foods with a secret ingredient: the goji berry. This highly sustainable, immune-building, strength-promoting fruit makes our dressing incredibly unique and satisfying. There’s a polysaccharide found in the goji berry that stimulates the secretion of the rejuvenative human growth hormone. This sensational fusion of protein, vitamins and mineral-rich ingredients is created to perfection. French fusion is more than a comfort dressing with massive health benefits and savoury taste, it’s your salad’s answer to the fountain of youth

Purely poppy is a delicious alternative to the creamy-style, traditional poppy seed dressing. RawFoodz version is a powerhouse of nutrients with a plethora of disease-fighting, health-promoting, immune-boosting properties. Fortified with organic, unhulled sesame seeds and poppy seeds, each bottle contains an extra dose of calcium. In addition to protecting colon cells from cancer-causing chemicals, calcium helps in the prevention of bone loss and migraines, as well as the relief of PMS symptoms. This delectable dressing adds zest to any salad, while increasing your consumption of vitamins, minerals, omega 3’s, enzymes and antioxidants. Purely Poppy’s tangy taste and health-topping ingredients create a blended sensation of pure pleasur

Glorious Greek is a healthy infusion of Mediterranean bliss. Our unique blend of premium, organic ingredients make this a dynamic, wholesome and improved version of typical greek style dressing. With added hemp seeds, glorious greek becomes rich in protein, fiber, omega 3&6, vitamins and minerals. Our heaping dose of organic oregano provides effective anti-bacterial and antioxidant activity. Loaded with heart healthy and immune-boosting ingredients, this dressing is nutritionally dense, palate pleasing and exceptionally delicious. Glorious greek is clearly a step beyond a journey, it’s your salad’s destination!

These dressings are showing up in health food stores across Ontario – so be sure to look for your favourite blend in the produce section of your local health food and grocery stores!

You will be also able to purchase and sample their dressings at my cooking classes!