From Sha Sha….with Love!

Last Monday, family day – Ryan and I went to the Sha Sha Co. factory. If you aren’t familiar with this incredible product line, it is about time you are! Sha Sha Bread Co is a Canadian bakery company that is responsible for making some of the most incredibly nutritious and tastiest products on the market. From a variety of sprouted breads, to delicious heart shaped cookies, and more recently launched is their new bio buds and a sprouted buckwheat snack.

I have been in love with thier products (breads, pizza crusts, flatbreads) for years now, as they embrace spelt as a staple grain, they take pride in the baking process by soaking and sprouting their grains and everything they make just tastes so good and is made with love.

I will be featuring some of thier products at our wedding and Ryan will be fueled on ShaSha goodness for his treck to the north pole – see more here!

It is one thing to love a product and buy it and use it. But it is another thing to actually meet the creator himself, Sha Sha, and go to visit the factory. Everthing just seemd happen coincidentally. Ryan and I were planning to go and visit the factory on Family Day, and just the weekend before, I attended the annual Organic Groweres Conference and listened to Sha Sha speak at two seperate lectures over the weekend.

Sha Sha is purely passionate about what he does. He is a baker at heart and wanted nothing more than to make the most nutritoius breads and baked goods. He set out on this mission and now has a full thriving business because of it. I can totally relate to this, as a good business just doesn’t come with hard work and money – it comes with passion and love. Something I take pride in everyday with my own business. So after hearing the voice behind the breads and goodies I have been indulging in for years, this made me even more excited to visit his home…the ShaSha Co. factory.

I call it a home, because that is truly what the factory felt like. Being a family run business – it is has the warmth and feel as if we were invited into Sha Sha’s home. With kids and families part taking in the free event on family day you could just see how excited kids actually get about their products. Using bright colours and friendly packaging also thier facility is nut free – which opens it’s doors to even more avenues. The factory also implements green practices that have the environment in mind like re-using water, being efficient with energy and power usage, managing waste and paper trails and sourcing local and organic products as much as possible to keep the costs and travel emissions low! Sha Sha is truly innovative in everything that he does and we all get to benefit from it as a result!

The array of products that Sha Sha offers

Sha Sha educating his visitors

Lots of Love!

Ready to be enjoyed!


Happy with our goodie bags of treats!


Can’t all factories be like this? Filled with love, making delicious happy and healthy products that everyone can enjoy?

Thanks Sha Sha for being a frontier!


Have you tried Sha Sha breads or products? if not…..

Tell me why you love them and I might just send you some delicious spelt ginger heart cookies!