Fun at the Food Fair- Revised!

Yes that is right…I was at the Toronto Vegetarian Food Fair again this year on September 10th-12th! Both this year and last year were a hit! Between my booth and my cooking demo, I had the chance to meet so many wonderful and amazing people!

If you made your way out to come and visit Delicious Knowledge at the International Marketplace, then thank your for your support. Many of you asked your questions, and got some answers. I also had many people sign up for some Delicious upcoming Fall Classes and my Fall Renewal Retreat. Both of which have more spots to be filled!  I had lots of goodies, including Glass Straws, Sun Warrior Protein and yummy Superfoods! These are just some of the things that you can get when you come to one of my cooking classes in Toronto!

Did you see me at My Cooking Demo on Saturday September 11th at 1:30 pm? If not, my post on Delicious Snacks will be up tomorrow for your viewing pleasure along with the recipes I made. Many of which are from my new delicious snack book!

Super Delicious Snacking For Everyday Enjoyment!

Everybody loves to snack! However we are all too reliant on picking things up on the go that are not healthy for us whether loaded with sugar, salt or fat. They leave us feeling tired, sluggish and bloated. Through this workshop Marni will teach you how to make some healthy, balanced and simple snacks so that you can have them on hand during the week.

Cruelty-Free Baking Basics – A panel with Marni Wasserman, Lesia Kohut and Meghan Telpner!

How do you make perfectly light and luscious baked goods without eggs, milk and butter? Join three professionals bakers to hear their tips and tricks. Winning recipes from the Totally Fabulous Vegan Bake-Off will be shared.

Here we talked about all things Delicious. With pastry Chef Lesia from LPK’s Culinary Groove who talked about some of her skilled baking secrets along with her favourite gadgets. And myself and Meghan discussed how we  just love to make tasty desserts with healthy ingredients no matter how they look along with our favourite secret ingredient – Coconut Oil!

I also want to give a special thanks to Lisa Pitman who organized all the events at the fair and ensured that they all ran smoothly!

It was an amazing weekend – and I had so much fun meeting new people and just enjoying the Toronto fresh air outside! Can’t wait to do it again next year!

Did you come to the food fair?

If so, what did you love about it this year?