Yams or Sweet Potatoes ?

December 22, 2008 5 Comments
There is so much confusion between yams and sweet potatoes. They look the same, they taste the same and you never really know which you.

CooCoo For Coconut

December 17, 2008 2 Comments
Coconut oil has to be among one of the most controversial topics these days. I am constantly being asked about it’s relation to health..

Spice Girls

December 6, 2008 1 Comment
It is so nice to know that the flavours that come from traditional Indian cuisine, are not only delicious to that palate but they are.

Naturally and Nutritionally Sw..

November 26, 2008 5 Comments
We all naturally crave sweets – it’s in us! I know a lot of people nowadays try to avoid sweets completely, thinking they can ge..


November 16, 2008 1 Comment
  Haven’t you been waiting for the perfect program to get you started on a new path in healthy eating? Well I have created a.

Birthday Potluck Fiesta

November 10, 2008 0 Comments
There could not have been a better way to celebrate my 27th birthday, then to have my closest friends over for a potluck dinner. Everyone.

Whole Grain Goodness

November 10, 2008 1 Comment
When it comes to grains, it may take a while to sort through them! There are so many to choose from! Different tastes, textures, colours.

A Gourmet Stagette

November 2, 2008 0 Comments
Six girls came over last night for a cooking frenzy in honour of one, who is on her way down the aisle. It was as.

Miso Magic

October 29, 2008 0 Comments
Miso is a fermented paste with a texture like almond butter. It is made from soybeans, koji (a bacterial starter), salt and a grain –.

Balance is Everything!

October 15, 2008 0 Comments
Balance really is everything when it comes to your blood sugar levels. It is extremely important to make sure you moderate and regulate your..