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You don’t need to travel far to “retreat” and get the best information on how to revitalize detoxify and rebuild your health through organic, whole living foods. Invest in yourself for one day. Get as much power packed delicious nutrition and lifestyle knowledge that your body can handle.

Here is what your day will look like:

YOGA Start the day off with a rejuvenating morning yoga class with an industry expert David Good!
BREAKFAST Learn how to make a super starter breakfast with Marni a detoxifying herbal tea
WORKSHOP Marni will teach you how to Cleanse with Superfoods. This workshop is based on Marni’s eBook Cleansing with Superfoods
LUNCH CLASS Help “prep” lunch and learn how to make delicious and easy Raw Nori Rolls, Kale Slaw Cabbage Salad
BEAUTY LESSON – Indulge yourself with natural skin care, whether making your own creams at home or learning what to buy!
JUICE BREAK Learn how to detox with a Green Juicing 101 workshop and enjoy the best tasting green juice ever
DINNER Enjoy a fresh, Raw Italian Dinner with Zucchini Pasta, Pizza & Caesar Salad and see first hand how easy it is to make the recipes – learn how to plate your food too!
DESSERT Watch Marni make a decadent Chocolate Avocado Pudding and enjoy it too!
MOVIE Finish off the evening with an enlightening health inspired documentary. You will also have an intimate Q & A session with Marni and she will summarize the day with the main takeaways!

This retreat is led by Marni Wasserman, Culinary Nutritionist and Health Strategist. Marni infuses each of her classes with flare and passion as she strives to inspire you to learn that everyday eating can be simple and delicious! Marni is fun, dynamic and engaging - with a background in both nutrition and culinary training - she is completely dedicated to your health and wants to share her delicious knowledge with you!

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  • Sunday, July, 27
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  • 08:00AM- 07:00PM
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  • $330.00
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Get Fully Nourished with Me!
I am Marni Wasserman, your plant loving culinary nutritionist and health strategist. I am dedicated to giving you a reason to eat well, savour your food and live a nourishing lifestyle. WIth passion and experience, I strive to enlighten you how everyday eating can be simple and delicious. I can't wait to meet you at a class!