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Marni's Food Studio hosts and highlights our favourite chef and experts, movie nights, workshops, and retreats. Marni also participates in many local community events that you may want to attend!
*all classes are plant-based. There are no eggs or dairy used in any of the classes.
    Bone Building Foods Workshop
    Calcium. Strength. Plant-Powered.
    Transitioning to Plants Workshop
    Plant-Based. Transition. Support.
    Gorgeously Green
    Green. Spring. Luxury.
    Cleansing With Super Foods
    Detox. Cleansing. More Energy.
    • Thursday, May, 29
    • |
    • 07:30PM- 09:30PM
    • |
    • $59
    • Thursday, May, 29
    • |
    • 07:30PM- 09:30PM
    • |
    • $99 for couples
Get Fully Nourished with Me!
I am Marni Wasserman, your plant loving culinary nutritionist and health strategist. I am dedicated to giving you a reason to eat well, savour your food and live a nourishing lifestyle. WIth passion and experience, I strive to enlighten you how everyday eating can be simple and delicious. I can't wait to meet you at a class!