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Country Miso Soup

I am very happy to announce the release of my book Fermented Foods for Dummies on October 7th! You can Order it now! It’s a great resource for anyone interested in learning more about the amazing benefits of fermented foods and how to make & enjoy these nutritious wonders at …

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At this time of the year, our bodies seem to just yearn for a warm drink in our hands. Herbal tea is always a healthy option when you want something to warm you up — but sometimes you just crave something extra, whether it’s something sweet, stimulating, or just really …

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Can we say enough good things about coconut water? If you’re a follower of this blog, then you’ve read our internet version of ‘singing praises’ to the stuff. As you saw in the title, this drink has multiple uses. Sometimes we can get a little carried away on these warm …

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Hot summer days beg for cool and refreshing drinks. They just go hand in hand. And when the sun is beaming, it’s vital that you’re properly hydrated. Sometimes you actually don’t even realize you’re thirsty until a big glass pitcher filled with water and lemon is put in front of …

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Make it organic! Or else you may as well not drink juice at all. When you juice  conventional vegetables you are likely absorbing all the pesticides, herbicides, fungicides or genetically modified organism (GMO) stored in them. Because juices are so concentrated your body will soak up those chemicals immediately. Especially …

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Even though they are thick, smooth and creamy… smoothies don’t always have to be cold, frozen or chilled. They can be warming, nourishing and grounding as well. The blender is the perfect place to take advantage of all your nutrients and superfoods. Also using herbs in your smoothies is a …

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I just love blending up delicious smoothies in my blender! Start 2012 off with your Blender! After being asked by Navitas Naturals, as one of their newest team members I am excited to share with you about there new program The Smoothment! This program is designed to get you drinking …

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That’s right I’m talking about ch ch ch CHIA! This super seed is power-packed full of nutrients and is most definitely on my top superfoods list. I even think it is a daily must! You will not regret making chia one of your new favourite items in your diet! It …

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If you didn’t know this already, I am not an advocate for cow’s milk. I can write a whole blog post about this or I can simply just tell you that it is not conducive to human health. It does not build our immune systems, it suppresses it, it does …

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There is a culture of tea growing, whether you like it or not, and hopefully you like it.  The truth is, tea has been around for centuries – is has deep roots on many levels, but what it comes down to is that there is a tea for everyone! Teas …

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Plant-based foods are alkaline-forming, which means they create less acidity in the body. As an added bonus, they also neutralize existing acid! When you work out and train, you are already pushing the acidity limits in your body, so it's important flush it out with plant-based foods. Some of my favourite detoxifying foods that I use in my classes are broccoli, seaweed, and avocados.

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Eating plants makes you feel good inside and out. So why not wear it and show it off to the world that you can feel powerful being fueled on plants!

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