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Live the Fully Nourished Life with Me

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Get into a groove this year and Get FULLY NOURISHED!

Get started on the right path of healthy living the Fully Nourished way.  Take your health into your own hands and join this exclusive program.  For the next year, you will be given the tips, tools, ingredients, recipes and hands on experience – so that you can pave the path of health for the rest of your life!

The launch my new Fully Nourished Lifestyle Program has been quite the success. It is so simple, yet so comprehensive and perfect for just about anyone in any stage of their health journey. What this is, is a way for me to guide you step by step for one whole year on healthy living. Not only do you get to enjoy some of my favourite tried tested and true products twice during the course of the year, but you also get to come to 6 of my Fully Nourished cooking classes to learn new tips, tricks and essentials in the kitchen, with more than 50 recipes. Also part of this amazing program is a chance to sit down with me one on one to go over you health goals in a personal consultation. This allows you to discuss with me privately what you want to accomplish in the coming year as far as your health and lifestyle. And just to top it all off you will get all of my ebooks emailed to you at regular intervals during the year depending on the season and what is relevant at that time!

I can’t think of a better way to Nourish your life!

Fully Nourished Cooking Classes
Get hands on experience with whole foods in my Kitchen and learn how to make delicious recipes for everyday enjoyment
Come once with 5 of your friends, or share 3 classes with a significant other or come to a series of 6 yourself

Life Changing Consultations

Get your very own private time with with me to set your goals and start to implement changes right away
1 discovery consultation 60 minutes – with some starter ingredients and goodies to get you going!
2 follow-up consultations for Marni  to track your progress

Nourishing Resources
You’ll be enlightened with all four of my eBooks, which are filled with recipes, tips and ideas to help make the transition to a nourished lifestyle smooth and easy

Marni’s Essentials
Expect to get 2 fully loaded packages filled with my basic and most favourite products and kitchen ingredients from grains to seeds.

10% Off all Products and Services

With special first class access to exclusive recipes, products and other events throughout the year!

YEARLY MEMBERSHIP to the Fully Nourished Life $1500 (value of more than $2500)


Looking for just a taste and not ready to commit?

Get a jump start on healthy living today. And for 3 months you will experience what it’s like to be fully nourished. With a consultation to get you on the right track and classes and products to give you a taste, you will have the opportunity to make positive lifestyle changes right away – and inspire others as well.

30 min private consultation

1 follow up session to track your progress

2 Fully Nourished Cooking Classes

2 of Marni’s Health E Books

1 Fully Nourished kit filled with sustainable products, superfoods and ingredients.

COMPLETE TASTING of the Fully Nourished Life $500 (value more than $800)

Why should you join this exclusive program?

This program will change your connection to food and healthy living. You will be empowered to master your meals everyday in the kitchen!

The investment of a lifetime!

To learn more about this amazing membership, send us an email at TODAY!

You can get more delicious knowledge by checking out Marni’s e-books, available here:

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3 Responses to Live the Fully Nourished Life with Me

  1. Heather says:

    I wish I lived in GTA! This would be amazing!

  2. Trisha says:

    Pleasure to read about the events in Fully Nourished. The first time I got to know about it was when my friend recommended me taking one of the courses. I think it belongs to the best cooking schools in Toronto. Culinary events are undoubtedly a significant contribution to the things that make Toronto an unforgettable experience!

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Get Fully Nourished with Me!
I am Marni Wasserman, your plant loving culinary nutritionist and health strategist. I am dedicated to giving you a reason to eat well, savour your food and live a nourishing lifestyle. WIth passion and experience, I strive to enlighten you how everyday eating can be simple and delicious. I can't wait to meet you at a class!